Teaser Tuesday.

As I round the corner to enter my favorite spot in all of New Orleans, I take in the
scenery around me.

It is beautiful, even in the winter. This was the city that stole my
heart. I see the snow sticking to the branches of the trees as they replace the leaves
that came before. Little icicles dangling from the buildings. The winter air chilling my
face just a bit, which was my sign to get my behind into the heat.
I open the door to “Cocoa Beans” and begin to make my way to the line that is
beginning to become a tad long. I stare at my watch and it says “7:20 AM”. I groan,
irritated because I need to get to work by 8, but if I don’t get this coffee, and ASAP, I
won’t make it through the rest of the day.
I wait and begin to scroll through my Instagram feed, just out of boredom.
“Auntie, I know, I know. I will be there when I get off work” I hear the man in front of me
say. His voice catching me off guard. It’s smooth like whiskey. I size him up from
behind, he is tall. He begins to chuckle at something his mother begins to say “I got you,
ma, I will be there. I’m about to be at the register, I love you” he says and hangs up the
phone. I go back to scrolling. Barely paying attention anymore until it is my turn to be at
the register.

The tall man leaves the line and then I feel a gaze on me so intense I feel my cheeks start to heat up.
I make my way to the register as the barista says “yes ma’am, can I help you?” I hear from the distance, struggling to gather my mind.

“Ma’am, can I help you?!” The voice says sharper, more loudly and I snap out of my daze.
“Yes, uh, let me just get one Espresso and a pumpkin muffin, please” I say, staring at my
watch as it reads “7:35”.

If I leave in a few minutes I can still make it in enough time to clock in before it hits 8.
“One espresso and a pumpkin muffin?” She asks rhetorically.

“Your total is six dollars and fifteen cents”. As she tells me my story I swipe my card and go through the motions
of confirming my order.
“Thank you and you have a lovely day, ma’am”.
“Thank you, you too” I say curtly as I leave the line and stand to the side awaiting my coffee.
My phone rings and “Kembi” is displayed on the screen. I smile and answer the phone
“Hey girl”
“Heeeeeyyyyyy girrrrllllllll” my best friend says elongating her words and it makes me
“Oh lord, what? Every time you do that hey girlllll thing, something is up” I don’t even
know why she thinks she’s slick, we’ve been best friends since before either of us could
utter any words. “So, spill”
I can feel her cheesing through the phone.

“Well, remember that architect I said asked
me out a few weeks ago. The fine Boris Kodjoe looking brotha?”

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