10 Interesting Things to know about Me.

Hi Angels.

Welcome Back to my blog!

I hope you all are happy, safe and feeling loved wherever you are.

It dawned on me that as transparent and personal as I am with you lot, there are still some little tidbits that I never thought to mention.

The obvious things you probably already know about me is that I am a believer in Christ. You also know that I am a Blogger/Writer/Creative. I am a college graduate. But, what else is there to “Miss A”?.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to do something light-hearted and fun so you guys can get to know me a liiiitttllleeeee bit better.

Moving right along.

Here are 10 Interesting Things to know about yours truly:

  1. I am a Christmas baby.
    • My mothers water broke at 5 PM on December 25th, 1995. Growing up she told me the story of my birth every chance you could get. She was just minding her own business, washing dishes after Christmas dinner and her water broke right there on the kitchen floor. My family got her to the hospital as fast as they could, only to find out that she had to be transported to a different hospital and the ambulances weren’t running due to the horrible weather conditions. One of my mothers doctors on call apparently drove her and my grandmother to another hospital an hour away while she was having contractions, in the snow storm. So, even in the womb I was complicated. Before you ask, yes, I did used to get two sets of presents. One set for my birthday and the other for Christmas. Now that I am older, I just get one major thing for each event. I used to love waking up on Christmas morning and celebrating two different holidays. My family would start by wishing me a “Happy Birthday”, they would sing the song, give me a balloon and some cards and then I got to open my presents before everyone else.
    • Then, on that evening, when the extended family came over and after dinner, the festivities would start back up again. My mother would be telling everyone how old I had turned and the struggle it took to have me delivered but that I was her “little christmas baby” born at 1 pound, 2 ounces. After her story, we cut the cake and then my grandmother does this cute thing where she tells everyone to sing me a happy birthday and I am super shy and hate having the attention on me so I just sit there, blushing and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Then, because we are already in the singing mode, my sisters and I typically start off with the christmas carols and everyone joins in.
    • The holidays are arguably my favorite time of year.
  2. I am a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp.
    • When I found out I belonged in two zodiac signs instead of one, I instantly knew I was even more special than what I already feel. The cusp falls between December 18th through the 24th, which means that I am literally right in the middle. Because I am on this particular cusp, all the websites say that it means that I am a true visionary headed towards a certain success. The blogs also say that I was born on the “Cusp of Prophecy”. 
    • Jupiter rules Sagittarius as the planet of expansion and Saturn rules Capricorn as the planet of limits and lessons, which, for those of you who don’t speak astrology means that I get the best of both worlds.
    • I have the passion of the fire sign (Sagittarius) and the determination of the earth sign (Capricorn) which also means I am tenacious.
  3. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie.
    • Out of all of the Disney classics, this takes the cake as my all time favorite. I could watch that movie repeatedly and never get tired. I love the way the movie hooks me in from beginning to end. I experience all of those intense emotions all over again. The music intensifies each scene for me as well. The death of the King, a son’s exile, the villain of a brother/uncle desperate for the throne and will destroy his family to get it. The son’s return to reclaim his rightful place as king and prove that he is his father’s son. I think what I relate to is Simba’s determination to make his father proud, even in the after life. The constant desire to seek that approval. To want them to see you make them proud.
  4. I am Nigerian-American.
    • My father was a Nigerian and my mother is American. I spent majority of my childhood in the beautiful West African country. It has been at least 8/9 years since I have been back to the motherland. But, I try to always stick to my roots and keep a little bit of home with me always so that I never forget who I am and where I come from. When people ask me where I am from, I always say Nigeria, because it is the home I really felt the most ties to. The fondest memories of my childhood come from living there. People just automatically assume that I am from the States, because I just look “Black”, but, there is a lot that again, people do not know about me.
  5. I have 11 siblings.
    • I am 1 out of 12 of my father’s children. My parents had 3 girls, of which I am their oldest. I have two younger sisters. Then, my father had 9 other children with my step-witch, of which I am one of the youngest. Of the half brothers and sisters, my dad and step witch had 5 boys and 4 girls. So, my sisters  and I always grew up well protected.
  6. I am a swimmer.
    • For as long as I can remember, I always had sea legs. I was always in the water. My parents did not joke about their kids being active and successful both in academics and extra-curricular activities. Any opportunity they had to enroll me in a club or sports team, they took, with no hesitation. I was apart of a swim team for the early part of my childhood at the YMCA and hunny,  I racked up those medals like candy. Was leaving everybody in the metaphorical dust.
  7. I am well-traveled.
    • Another thing I love about my parents, they exposed us to a variety of different countries and cultures at a young age. Since before I could even talk, they had me on a plane. Partially due to the fact that, they were raising me in two very different continents. I have been to India, Germany, France, England, and of course, Africa. I am not done yet. I plan to go to Italy, Greece, Thailand, South Africa and South America. The world is a big and beautiful place, and though it is going up in flames, there is still much to see. I plan to get a lot of trips done over these next few years. There are still many places in the U.S I haven’t been to yet. Travel buddy, anyone?
  8. I am a HUGE Nerd.
    • You know the girl you used to read about in books that always had her head in a book just trying to avoid any social interaction whatsoever? Yea, that was me in high school. I would spend majority of my high school days either reading, studying to get ahead or looking up interesting facts. Another shout out to the parents, they made sure we were one of the smartest kids in the classroom, if not the smartest kid in the class. They had us hooked on hooked on phonics, engaging in nay sort of computer learning CD’s, a variety of interactive learning books and games, anything that enhanced our minds and our thinking, they made sure we did. Nigerian families do not do competition. You either are the best or you bring dishonor to the whole family (I wish I was joking).
    •  dishonor.gif
  9. I am a hopeless romantic.
    • Do you even really know me if you do not know this by now? Every Nicholas Sparks movie or book I have seen and read. I am the type to purposely go searching for a good tear-jearker. If I can’t have it in real life I am going to watch actors pretend they have the real deal just to soothe my aching heart.
  10. I am a dog lover.
    • I love dogs.
    • Dogs are such amazing and loyal creatures and we truly do not deserve them. Cats are boujee, they will flake on you in a hot second and act like they don’t know you when company is around. Dogs are so loyal, they are the ones that will try to go into the fire to rescue you.
    • Cats, in my opinion, are lazy, they just like to sit around and lick their paws all day. Dogs actually tire you out always wanting to play with you and attack you with those teeth.
    • All this talk of dogs makes me miss mine. I don’t get to see her as much anymore but I can’t wait for her to see me and give me kisses.
    • For your viewing pleasure, here is a GIF of a golden retriever. puppy .gif
    • Isn’t he just the cutest thing? I know.

Anyways, I am done for now.

Stay tuned for next week, the countdown till my 1 year starts NOW.

countdown .gif

Until Next Time,



-Miss A.

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