Travel Edition: New York



I have missed you all so much and I am so glad to be back in action with this short, sweet and new spicy content for you all.

I have been mustering up the strength to post something, anything for you guys but I just could not do it. Luckily, my vacation to New York was just what I needed to kick start my creative juices again.

This was my first trip to New York.

Everyone I had told this to looks at me like I grew four heads because New York is supposed to be one of those travel destinations that everyone goes to.

I felt out of the loop and because we are in 2019, the year of trying new things, I decided on a whim that I would get together with my sisters and our close friends and we would go.

Words could not describe how I felt leading up to the day we left. I was like a kid being told they were going to Disney World for the first time. The burst of excitement. My mind racing a thousand miles just thinking of all the exciting things we would do. I was simply ecstatic for a new environment. I was ready for a change in scenery.

The Night Before: The night before I could barely relax. My sister had just got back into town from Puerto Rico. My other sister had arrived a few days prior to stay with me and get away from home herself. She was excited for a change as well. I got off work and headed home and one of our friends was at my house. I grabbed her and my sister and we went to Walmart to gather last minute supplies. We got snacks, food, toiletries and we headed back to my house to enjoy a quiet night in before our big day. We watched documentaries, had girl talk and passed out.

DAY ONE: We all woke up at 10:00 AM. Everyone washed up, packed up what they had left out and our last guest arrived. We moved our luggage from the top floor of my house to the front door downstairs. We packed up the car, got gas, food and we were on our way to the city. The drive to New York was seamless. No traffic, I barely made any extra stops and I got us to the city at 5:30 PM. Parking in the city was the only thing about this trip that aggravated me. Our air bnb was not easily accessible; we were not able to drive up to it to unload our luggage. After a few failed attempts at finding somewhere to park, my sisters and I along with our friend Ray grabbed our belongings and we headed to the bnb to check in while our other friend Asa stayed with the car.

The bnb was about 3 blocks from where we had parked. We go inside and I check us in at the front desk. The concierge tells us what we need to know for our stay and we make our way to our apartment/suite.

Our apartment:


The apartment easily slept the six of us plus two or three more people if needed. It was beautifully well lit and in the say time it was bright and open. I would not have wanted to stay anywhere else. It was our temporary cute little home away from home.

After we got settled in, we decided we would go to a Japanese Steakhouse called “Gyu Kaku” in Times Square. It was busy for a Thursday night. The hostesses were a tiny bit annoying because we were short one member of our party who was joining us later and they weren’t trying to seat us until he got there. However, they got over it and we were seated at our table. There were nine of us and we got the best deal of a meal that we could and it consisted of : steak, pork, shrimp, chicken, beef, pot stickers, vegetables, salad with ginger dressing, fried rice, miso soup and Smores for dessert. The cooking of the m eats themselves was hilarious to me. Here are a few of us who can cook and a few of us who couldn’t cook and watching those who couldn’t cook so well charr our food was fun.

After dinner, we made our way back to Manhattan. We changed into sweats and comfortable clothes and we sat back, drank and played card games until 3AM. This night was particularly fun for me because I got to meet some friends of mine that I had been in a group chat with for months. This was our first night all meeting and the vibes were incredible.


DAY TWO: We woke up the next morning at 10AM and we decided to hunt for breakfast. We decided Starbucks was a safe bet until we ate later in the day. Convenient for us, there was a Starbucks down the street from our building. After breakfast, we decided to day drink and get ready for the day. While we were getting ready, one of my best friends from college popped up on us, I did introductions, and we prepared to head out to SoHo. But, first, we each had our own mini photo shoot. Because, well, what fun is it being in New York and not having the proof that you are, while slaying simultaneously.

Some of my quick flicks from my shoot:


We headed out to SoHo and we checked out the very large Forever 21 in Union Square. We walked (pun intended) up an appetite and we discussed what we wanted to eat for lunch. My friend Karm brought up this Mexican restaurant called “Horchata” and that is where we were headed. We got there just in time for happy hour .

The area was dimly lit and this is what we see walking in:




The food was delicious but it dawned on me how ridiculously overpriced food was . But, it was to be expected I suppose. After we ate, we left and headed back to the Financial District to prepare for the night.

That Friday Night, we got ready, had more photo shoots:

The Lounge we went to was in upper Manhattan and it was called “Le Reve”. It was a Mediterranean bar/hookah lounge and we got there just in time to enjoy our dinner before the Hip Hop party started. Another night of coming home at 4:30 AM.

DAY THREE: Our last day in the city and naturally we begin with Starbucks, again. We had a very late start to the day and we planned for lunch. We went to the infamous “Black Tap Burger”, but they are best known for their milkshakes rather than their burgers. The milkshakes were good. However, not worth $15-17 to me. After lunch, we hopped on the Staten Island Ferry and took a little boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty. Although we didn’t get to go inside of the statue as planned, it was still an experience to see it.

We hurried home and prepared for our last night in the city. This time, we headed to Brooklyn.

We went to “Myst” Lounge, which was this cozy, quaint little lounge with good music. The played everything from current radio music to old school songs to feed my nostalgic soul.

The morning we leave, we woke up, checked out and made our way to “George’s” to grab breakfast before we left.

The only other downside to the entire trip was that moments before we officially left, I received a lovely parking ticket from the state of New York.

Overall, the trip was amazing. The hotel/bnb staff was very welcoming, they made sure we were properly accommodated and did their best to keep smiles on our faces. We forgot we were in a hotel half the time because they were not intrusive in the least.

For my first visit there, I had an amazing time. However, I do plan to go back during the summer and experience it when it isn’t freezing. There also was not enough hours in those three days to see and do everything.

However, it was a much needed mini getaway with my loved ones and a new city new vibes and new adventures.

That is all I have for now my loves. This is just a little piece to curb your appetite.

The next post will be bigger and a lot more juicier.

Hope you enjoyed this quick read.


I love you all and I will see you soon.



Miss A.

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